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About Dye-Hard Paintball

Dye-Hard Paintball is an Online Paintball store, and although it might be digital, we started Dye-Hard having played Paintball for a number of years, and now 15 years further down the line we are still having just as much fun.

At the rapid pace that paintball is growing around the world, the paint and equipment is becoming more and more affordable for players to push the boundaries of paintball. We do our best to be competitive in the market, trying to keep our prices as low as possible. If an adrenaline charged, stalking and skillful game in the bush and urban environment is what you are after then Dye-Hard Paintball is the place for you. We prefer to have you use reliable equipment, and thus stock brands that are reputable.

Dye-Hard Paintball actively promotes respect for the environment, using only paintballs, which are fully environmentally safe. Our motto when we leave the field is that all we leave behind are our footprints. In the end, we play hard, play safe, Dye-harder…

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