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Tippmann A5 M107 CQ Sniper Kit



Introducing the mother of all sniper rifles, the M107, from OPSGEAR's Opposing Force line of paintball marking guns for training and recreation. This near replica scale kit is patterned after the formidable CQ model of the M107, designed for better mobility and easier deployment on the battlefield. Matching the scale of the actual gun in almost every dimension, this kit will give the marking gun the real-edge for those looking to maximize the tactile and aesthetic realism of their scenario participation. The M107 CQ perfectly employs the ideal barrel length for the .68 Cal paintball marking gun, without losing a step in realism. Additional features, such as the metal picatinny rail that can be placed over any four holes on the hand guard, side or bottom, add a level of functionality beyond any previous sniper rifle kit. Watch for forthcoming videos, images, and details!

M107 Kit Includes:

• M107 Shroud
• M107 Stock
• M82A1 Gas Thru Mag Kit
• M107 Muzzle Brake
• Get free OPSWAR DVD

Price: R3,700.00